Healthy Comfort Cooking

Eating well doesn’t have to mean eating bland. Great meals can also be great for you — the challenge is finding the right recipes and advice on preparing them. That’s where Amys Garden aims to make a difference. We value comfort cooking, but we do it from a place of wellness.

Try out the latest meals and find new favorites or fresh twists on classic plates. You don’t have to be an expert chef. With options ranging from simple home meals to symphonies of exhilarating flavor, there’s something for everyone to try. Check back soon for links to some of the most inspired healthy comfort food recipes available today.

Lynley's Foods


Lynley’s Foods

If you are a “Foodie,” there are some interesting Surf and Turf barbecue dishes on Lynley’s menu.  Lynley illustrates his vision of food’s ability to make us feel better.  Lylnley’s creativity, background in the food and beverage and the food preparation industry is the subtle palate of Lynley’s brand.  Watch it happen.

His plates of curry spice-rub for salmon and steak with a golden barbecue finish are yummy.  Hot off the grill, salmon and steak is a juicy match for a warm dark stout.  However, wine drinkers may prefer a rich dry merlot, Salmon and Steak.

Coming soon are Chef Lynley’s sauces. Follow him on Instagram @lynley’s_foods.